Lucy Westenra
Others "The Bloofer Lady"
Personal information
Species Vampire (formerly human)
Gender Female
Relations Mrs. Westenra (mother)
Arthur Holmwood (fiancé)
Current status Deceased
Cause of death Stabbed with a wooden stake, then decapitated and mouth filled with garlic
Body type Human
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Dracula
Created by Bram Stoker
Performed by Soledad Miranda

Lucy Westenra was a young British woman who was killed and turned into a vampire by Count Dracula.


Lucy was widely regarded as a beautiful and sweet-natured lady. She was the best friend of Jonathan Harker's fiancée Mina Murray. As she later told Mina, Lucy received three engagement proposals in a single day, from three different suitors: Arthur Holmwood, son of a certain Lord Godalming; Dr. John Seward, a local physician and caretaker in a nearby asylum; and Quincey Morris, a cowboy-type American. Of the three proposals, she accepted Holmwood's. The other two remained as good friends and blessed the couple.

Unfortunately, Count Dracula arrived in London at the time and was also attracted by Lucy. He started visiting her at night, using hypnotism so she wouldn't remember these encounters, and feeding on her blood regularly. So much of her blood was drained that she soon started to exhibit symptoms of severe anemia, which ultimately led to her death. Dr. Seward's tutor and friend, Prof. Abraham Van Helsing - who had attempted to treat her - used his knowledge of the occult to recognize signs that Lucy had been attacked by a vampire.

After her death, strange cases started to show up in the newspapers. Local children were being attacked at night by a figure they referred to as "Bloofer Lady" ("beautiful lady" in child talk) who feeds on their blood. Van Helsing correctly assumes that Lucy has been rising from her grave at night to attack the children, and leads an expedition consisting of him, Seward, Holmwood, Morris and Jonathan Harker to destroy the vampire. Lucy's friends are appalled to see her in vampire form: she had changed not only physically (pale skin and elongated canine teeth), but also in disposition, as her vampire self is vicious and seductive, rather than sweet and good-natured.

After preventing her from attacking another child, they lure her back into her crypt where Holmwood impales her with a wooden stake in order to save her soul. Afterwards, Van Helsing takes upon himself the unpleasant task of decapitating her and filling her mouth with garlic to ensure that she would remain dead. Otherwise Dracula could have pulled out the stake and revived her once again as a vampire.


In the German film Nosferatu - an unauthorized adaptation of Dracula - the role of Lucy is replaced by a character named Annie.

In the 1931 American production Dracula, she's renamed Lucy Weston, whereas in the 1958 film by Hammer she becomes Lucy Holmwood. This Lucy is actually Arthur Holmwood's sister, rather than fiancée, and is instead engaged to Jonathan Harker (Mina in this version is Holmwood's wife).