Mandrake Root
Others Root baby
Body type Root
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Harmless
Place of origin Earth
Habitat Underworld
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pan's Labyrinth
Created by Guillermo Del Toro
Designed by Sergio Sandoval

The Mandrake Root is a root that appears in the film, Pan's Labyrinth.


The root was given to Ofelia by the Faun, which was used for healing her sick pregnant mother. She placed the root under her mother's bed in a bowl of milk and fed it with drops of blood to heal Carmen. Unfortunately, it was soon discovered by Vidal her stepfather, who felt disgusted and tried to get rid of it, but his wife stopped him and tried to have a moment with Ofelia alone. She told Ofelia that magic does not exist and the fact that the real world is cruel, she threw the root in the fire, only to make things worse when she collapse in pain while the root is burning to death. The root's skin has a twisted potato like appearance, it has no mouth, no eyes, and no ears. Its diet is probably blood due to the fact that Ofelia drops blood into the creature.

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