Others Unknown
Personal information
Species Mutated Human
Gender Female
Diet Liquefied flesh
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Warriors of Terra
Performed by Trina Brink

Maya is a mutated woman, the result of a failed experiment by scientist Dr. Woods performed in an underground research facility. She was injected with genetic material from various species, using mutated viruses as vectors, in attempt to cure her of cancer. Although the cure was a success, Maya started to develop super-human regeneration abilities and other mutations, which ultimately resulted in a being with enhanced strength, speed and resilience, but which needs to constantly feed on human flesh to survive.

She produces digestive enzymes which she injects in her victims by touch, and which instantly liquefy the victim's tissues. Because of her extreme regenerative abilities, she is almost impossible to kill. The only way to contain Maya is to lock her in a cryogenic chamber.

At one point in the movie, Maya's skin changes from looking normal to strangely textured grey with black patterns with no clear explanation given for the transformation. It could have to do with her not being able to gather enough food, since it is established that she needs enormous quantities of it, especially after receiving several gunfire injuries which she needs lots of energy to heal instantly. Alternatively, it could be simply the result of her mutations advancing to a more grotesque level.


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