Original メガギラス
Romanization Megagirasu
Body type Flying Arthropod
Average length 50 meters
Average weight 12,000 tons
Sentience Semi-sentient
Sapience Hive-Minded
Aggressivity Extreme
Habitat Carboniferous forest
Diet Carnivorous
Related species Meganulon
Status EX
Behind the Scenes
Universe Godzilla Universe
Created by Masaaki Tezuka
Performed by Minoru Watanabe

Megaguirus is a queen Meganulon kaiju that first appeared in the film Godzilla vs. Megaguirus.


At first, Megaguirus simply resembles a gigantic Meganulon. When her swarm transfers Godzilla's energy into her, Megaguirus molts her skin and emerges as a creature that is part Meganulon and part Godzilla. Megaguirus retains a dragonfly-like body, with multiple legs, two pincer claws, and a long stinger-tipped tail. However, Megaguirus' mandible-like mouth is replaced by a reptilian mouth filled with sharp Godzilla-like teeth, her complex eyes are replaced by huge solid red eyes, her antennae disappear, and her skin is now scaly and covered in spikes, with a purplish hue. Megaguirus also has a very muscular body and huge dragon-like wings.


Megaguirus hatched from a Meganulon egg that was brought into present-day Tokyo by a queen Meganulon through a wormhole. As the Meganulons hatched from the egg and wandered Tokyo in search of prey while also flooding the city, Megaguirus developed into a larger queen Meganulon that remained stationary underneath the flooded streets. After the Meganula swarm drained energy from Godzilla, they transferred it into Megaguirus, who promptly mutated and shed her skin, becoming a giant mutated Godzilla-Meganula hybrid. Megaguirus emerged from underwater and flew through Tokyo, producing deadly sonic waves that shattered glass and brought down entire buildings. Shortly after Megaguirus' emergence, Godzilla arrived in Tokyo in search of a plasma reactor to feed on. Seeing Godzilla as another potential energy source, Megaguirus attacked him. Megaguirus proved to be much faster than Godzilla and dominated most of the battle. Godzilla however had learned from Megaguirus' attack patterns and turned the tide of battle, causing Megaguirus to lose one of her arms. When Megaguirus tried to sting Godzilla with her tail and drain his power, Godzilla bit down on her stinger and shattered it. Megaguirus shrieked in agony and tried to fly away, but was incinerated by a concentrated blast of Godzilla's atomic breath. Megaguirus fell to the ground, and was blasted in midair by another blast of atomic breath. Upon hitting the ground, Megaguirus completely exploded, killing her and ending the Meganulon species once and for all.



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