Others Great stupid pastry (by Shrek)
Personal information
Species Gingerbread Man
Gender Male
Current status Deceased
Cause of death Drowned
Body type Humanoid
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Shrek
Performed by Conrad Vernon

Mongo is a giant gingerbread man that appears in Shrek 2.


After successfully escaped from the dungeon, Shrek (in human form) has a plan along with Gingy when they travel to the Muffin Man's house and order to make a giant living gingerbread man. Shrek and the gang traveled through the shopping district, panicking citizens. Shrek orders him to get to the castle, but Mongo sees the giant coffee display, only to find out it was empty, so Donkey (in horse form) distracts Mongo to follow him to the castle to stop the kiss between Princess Fiona and Charming. The gang arrived at the entrance of the castle, but the guards fired the catapult at one of Mongo's gumdrops much to Gingy's shock; Mongo roars in anger and kicks the burning gumdrop to the catapult, destroying it. When he tries to bring the bridge down, guards release the hot foamy milk pouring him, but Mongo seems to survive one soak. His arms break when the guards unleashed another milk pouring him, causing him to fall into the moat. While Shrek successfully knocks the guards and allows his gang to enter the castle, Gingy cries when Mongo was sinking into the water, but Puss lifts him with his sword; leaving Mongo to die (although he was seen singing "Livin La Vida Loca" while remaining sunken near the end of the movie).


  • When his gumdrop fell, his roar was similar to Godzilla's.