Mutant Alligator
Mutant Alligator (Sym-Bionic Titan)
Body type Crocodilian
Average length Crocodile sized
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Earth
Habitat Swamps
Diet Carnivore
Locomotion Movement using four legs
Related species All Crocodilians
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
Universe Sym Bionic Titan

This alligator is an animal that has been mutated by the mutraddi, Muculox in the Sym-Bionic Titan episode, The Demon Within.


Midway through Ilana's transformation in the swamp, Lance, Ilana and Octus encountered a dead alligator that shows some of the same transformation signs as she has: webbed hands, light greenish skin, and two eyes on its bottom jaw in addition to its own eyes, as it was mutated by the frog like mutraddi. The mutant also revives from its deceased state and starts attacking Ilana. She manages to survive being bitten by the giant creature with little to no injury which shocked both Lance and Octus, and the beast is killed when Ilana snaps the mutant gator's jaw.


  • It is notable for being the only non-alien creature in the whole series.
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