Mutated Maggot
Binomen N/A
Body type Insectoid
Average length 2 ft (larvae)
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity Very High
Language None known
Place of origin Llanfairfach, Wales
Habitat Underground mines; polluted areas
Diet Omnivorous
Locomotion Crawling (larvae); flying (imago)
Lifespan Unknown
Status EX
Behind the Scenes
Universe Doctor Who
Created by Robert Sloman

The "Mutated Maggots" (also called "Giant Maggots"; or "Giant Fly" for the adult form) are a strange kind of insects which have been genetically altered by waste chemicals produced by BOSS Global Chemicals industries.


They are two-foot long in their larval stage, hatching from large brown eggs. They move around by crawling and appear to have a hostile behavior, attempting to attack nearby humans whenever possible. Their thick armor protects them and makes them bulletproof. Their bodies produce a deadly fluid which is of a bioluminescent green shade.

The most notable characteristic of the maggots is their DNA, which is capable of actively invading human cells and converting them into maggot cells, in a process similar to viral infection. The victims have their infected tissues turned into a glowing green patch and eventually die. The process can be reversed by the application of a special kind of fungus bred by Prof. Clifford Jones, which is the most effective way of killing the mutated maggots.

The imago form of this species has only been observed once, as UNIT realized the danger posed by them and was able to use the aforementioned fungus to kill most of the maggots before they could metamorphosize. Only one specimen completed the cycle, giving rise to a meter-long adult insect that had the ability to fly and to spit jets of green fluid to contaminate its targets. This specimen was killed by the Third Doctor, who regretted the need to destroy such an unique being. He even admitted having a certain admiration for the creature, opining that it was beautiful.



  • Doctor Who - Season 10 - "The Green Death" (1973)
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