This page shall contain all you need to know for editing correctly.

The pillars of NAC[edit | edit source]

  • Research: the greatest tool of an editor, and necessary for the creation of a good article, there is usually good information online, but books are welcome sources.
  • Character pages: use the page to detail the character and its abilities, maybe add some background, but story and plot are unnecessary, especially if such information is accessible somewhere else.
  • Non-aliens: many people make the mistake of thinking "non-alien" is a synonym of "terrestrial", which is not the case. To explain the difference, let's consider Gaia, the world where Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII takes place.

Gaia is quite Earth-like and is inhabited by humans, playing the same role as Earth, but being a different world entirely, so its creatures can be considered "non-alien" but not "terrestrial", while JENOVA (the game's villain) is from out of said world, being considered "alien." For such creatures, the Alien Species Wiki shall be used.

  • Beliefs: I actually had some troubles with this, as stupid as this may sound, but religion or the lack of it has nothing to do with the articles in this wiki, so sections about mythology must contain a mythological vision and a contemporary vision of the creature (angel, demon, god, or unicorn). If there is science to back it up (mostly seen on cryptids) or to explain it (mostly seen in mythological creatures), then it may be on the article. If there is a connection of a religion's creature to another religion's creature, that should be quoted. And remember that our wiki is no place for religion or moral beliefs.

Non-Alien[edit | edit source]

Non-Alien Creatures can be:

  • Mutants (James Howlett)
  • Cyborgs (Victor Stone)
  • Fictional species native to earth, and members of those species
  • Mythological creatures
  • Creatures native to earth-like dimensions
  • Hybrids (including hybrids between humans and aliens, as long as they were born on earth) (Molly Goldman)
  • Genetically-engineered beings (Paul Cartier)
  • Artificial lifeforms (Frankenstein's Monster)
  • Sapient Technology
  • Supernatural creatures or people with supernatural abilities
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