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Welcome to Non-alien Creatures Wiki, or NAC (acronym), an online database of beings from cryptozoology, works of fiction and folklore. As long as it isn't an alien, it's here. Non-alien is a term created by us (see NAC: Editing).

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Rules and Warnings

Some important things that everyone should be aware of before editing:

  • Copy-pasting text from external sources (including other wikis) is strictly forbidden. Users who do it will be blocked immediately and copy-pasted articles will be deleted on sight. The only exception to this rule concerns a few articles shared between this wiki and our sister site.
  • It's also strictly forbidden to create empty blank pages, as well as to merge, split, rename or repurpose pages, reupload images, or create new categories without direct approval from an admin. Users who do any of these risk getting blocked, although some offenses are less serious than others and will be judged accordingly.
  • Fictional characters and species are only allowed here as long as they've been featured in official, commercially-published media. Original web content is generally not allowed for this reason.
  • Articles should not be written in past tense, unless dealing with a creature that's officially extinct.
  • Sentience means feeling. Sapience means thinking.
  • Anthropomorphized animals are not allowed, unless they're recognized as unique or unusual within the universe of the work they originate from (e.g. Pinky and the Brain being genetically enhanced, the TMNT being mutates, etc.).
  • Since this wiki deals with a lot of fiction, every page risks containing spoilers. The worst cases, dealing with major plot twists, will be marked with an appropriate template.

Featured Image

A cyclops, as seen in the game Dragon's Dogma. The monster is fought many times in-game as a mini-boss and, later on, as a regular enemy.

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