Reptilian Monster
Binomen N/A
Body type Humanoid
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Place of origin Earth
Habitat possibly Thailand
Locomotion Movement using two legs
Status Unknown
Behind the Scenes
Performed by Unknown
Crocodile grumble

This unnamed monster appears in the commercial for PTT Performa Gold from Thailand.


It appears to be a Godzilla like monster but with braces, sails located on the top its head and body, and a horn.


The creature appears in the commercial as it was rampaging in Thailand until it stood non moving along with many of the citizens as they were standing for the uprising of a Thai flag. The chaos continues as the monster tries to fire its breath at the people, but was unable to launch the attack, so the girl blows its breath and leaves. While the monster leaves in anger, as the dogs were chasing its tail; It encounters a gas station and decides to fuel its fire breath. As it was licking the gas in order to bring more power, it traumatized a worker. The monster returns and breathes its fire, but only for it to fly off from the city and begins spinning around the globe with its fire. It is unknown what happened to the monster after that.



  • This PTT commercial is one of the most expensive made commercials from the late 1990's.