Others Laputan Robot
Binomen N/A
Body type Android
Sentience Unknown
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Variable
Place of origin Laputa
Locomotion Facultative biped
Status EN
Behind the Scenes
Universe Castle in the Sky
Created by Hayao Miyazaki

These Robots are mechanical soldiers created by the inhabitants of the artificial floating country of Laputa. Non-Laputan science cannot even identify the materials that the Robots are made of.


Despite their humanoid body plan, Robots are facultative bipeds, capable of moving as well on all four limbs as on two. Their arms are considerable longer than their legs, though, and are both asymmetrical and flexible.

There appears to be at least two varieties of Robots: the first are built as warriors and can be distinguished by having spikes on their arms. When on flying mode, these spikes are capable of elongating and form semi-transparent membranes between them, effectively transforming the arms in a pair of functional wings. These are presumably used for maneuvering, though, as the Robots have been shown to be propelled through the air by jet engines.

The other type of Robots lack the spikes on their arms and appear to act as caretakers of the Laputan castle and gardens.

The Robots are loyal to the Laputan royal family and can be reactivated even after suffering great damage by saying the right incantations while holding a volucite crystal. Robots are sturdy beings which can withstand burning temperatures without damage, and their energy rays are powerful enough to cut through and easily blast through stone walls.


About 700 years after Laputa was abandoned by humans, only a single moss-covered gardener Robot remains operative. This gentle individual spends its days taking care of the great tree and its surrounding gardens, having been befriended by the animals which keep it company.


  • Castle in the Sky (1986)
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