Sapience Level is a classification that is used to measure the level of social obedience a creature has, however, a non-sapient creature still has a mind, despite being far more primitive than a sapient creature.



Acts by instinct for the most part, but is capable of thought and reasoning, albeit a simple form, such as a wolf that uses mathematics to count the members of a pack..

Note: Although there are many degrees of "intelligence" between different types of animals, this classification is based in the degrees observed in mammals, and the non-sapient will encompass all the "lower levels".

Hive mind

Refers to many organisms that act for the greater good of their home/nest, sometimes even behaving as a single organism. Swarm intelligence, collective consciousness and superorganisms are usually included.


Can perform complex tasks, and even communicate with sapient creatures in a higher degree than non-sapient ones. A real word example would be a chimpanzee (a sort of human-chimp sign language was actually established) and, perhaps, dolphins (that have been known to act helpfully and friendly with other species).


Has the ability of making questions, and even wonder about things out of their own existence. This wondrous mind is sometimes capable of building sophisticated devices and almost exclusively features creatures who live in society. The only real world example known (at least in modern times) is the human.

Note: This is by far the least known level, and uses human intelligence as it's lower degree, encompassing all sorts of complex societies.