...horrifying sea creatures with fish-like bodies and long green tentacles. They drown mortals and eat them. They have gill slits, are colored brown or green, and have scaly skin, comparable to that of fishes.
— The description of the siyokoy
Mer 13
Others Syokoy
Binomen N/A
Average height Roughly the same as a human
Sapience Unknown
Aggressivity Extreme
Habitat Philippines
Diet Carnivorous
Related species Merfolk
Status DD
Behind the Scenes
Universe Real

A Siyokoy is an aquatic creature from Filipino mythology.


They can be described as having green scales, webbed hands and feet, and having several fins located around their bodies (similar to gill-man). Unlike a Sirena, Kataw, and a Sireno, who all have human traits, the Siyokoys appear to be animalistic in their physical form and structure. Aquatic animals such as eels, octopuses, rays, squids, and probably sharks often swim along with the Siyokoy.