Body type Three-Tailed Pseudo-Biped
Average height 596 ft. (Estimate)
Average weight 6,750 tons (Estimate)
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Anteverse
Diet Unknown
Locomotion Pseudo-Bipedal
Status Deceased
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pacific Rim

Slattern is a kaiju in Pacific Rim.


Slattern is a seventeenth century term meaning a sexually promiscuous or dirty and untidy woman. In the novelization of the film Stacker Pentecost gives it this name.


Slattern is the largest and most dangerous kaiju on record. It has three triple-pointed tails that can whip around and stab opponents. Slattern is so loud, its roars cause visible damage. Slattern's head is similar to that of a hammerhead shark except that it has four eyes in the front instead of one on each side. Its has spikes on its shoulders and elbows. Slattern's upper arms are heavily armored. It's forearms are actually two forearms that connect at the elbow and wrist. It has three claws on each hand and foot. Slattern shows dominant behavior and is very durable, surviving not only the detonation of a thermonuclear bomb at extremely close range but also the water pressure at Challenger Deep. Unlike the rest of the kaiju, Slattern has no known weakness.


Slattern is the last of three kaiju, the first two being Raiju and Scunner, to emerge through the breach on January 12, 2025. Slattern fights with Striker Eureka and, despite being three times as large, is nearly defeated. Slattern calls Scunner for assistance but Striker detonates the thermonuclear bomb that was supposed to be used to close the breach. The blast kills Scunner and Striker Eureka's two pilots, Chuck Hansen and Stacker Pentecost but Slattern survives. Slattern prepares to attack Gipsy Danger but Gipsy tackles it sending both of them towards the breach. Slattern stabs Gipsy in the back but Gipsy fires its nuclear turbine. The blast burns a hole in Slattern's chest as well as its internal organs, killing it. Gipsy grabs Slattern's body and enters the breach which scans them. Detecting a kaiju, the breach allows them to past through to the Anteverse. Upon entering the Anteverse, Gispy Danger's pilots discover the Precursors, the creators of the kaiju. One of the pilots, Raleigh Becket, ejects the other pilot, Mako Mori and arms Gipsy Danger's self destruct then enters his own escape pod. Gipsy Danger explodes, destroying both Slattern's body and the breach.