Super Cat
Others Supercat
Body type Felid
Average height Cougar-sized
Average length Cougar-sized
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Very high
Place of origin Earth
Habitat Urban areas
Diet Carnivore (Humans)
Locomotion Movement using four legs
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Super Cat

The Super Cat is a "perfect hybrid" of various cat species, primarily of the big cat variety. It is intended to be the perfect predator. As such, it features the backbone of a cheetah; the margay's ankles; the caracal's legs and its ear tufts; the paws of a fishing cat; the canines of a clouded leopard; the jaws, brain power and roar of a tiger; the eyes of a lynx; the ears of a serval; the coat of a black panther; the mane and pride mentality of a lion; the overall size of a cougar and the street smarts of a house cat. It feeds on humans, as they are one of the only species that's population is booming, as well as their physiological weakness.


  • Super Cat (National Geographic Channel documentary) (First appearance)
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