Tankasaurus Rex
Tankasaurus Rex 1.jpg
Others Tanker
Personal information
Species Human/battle tank/Tyrannosaurus rex hybrid
Gender Male
Place of origin Mutogenic reactions of the rain forest
Affiliation Evil Rat Pack
Relations Rat Pack (allies)
Cat Pack (rivals)
Stego-Striker (primary rival)
Occupation Rat Pack member
King of the Forest
Current status Alive
Body type Tank-like
Diet Carnivorous
Abilities Can transform between tank and tyrannosaurus mode
Can fire rockets from his face
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the scenes
Universe Attack Pack
Created by Mattel
Whether it's fighting or eating when this king of the Cretaceous era gets finished there's nothing left. He's a walking armored arsenal, blowing up terrain and slashing at anything that moves!
— Strengths, as listed on his bio card

Tankasaurus Rex is a member of the Evil Rat Pack from the Attack Pack transforming toy line from the 1990s produced by Mattel as an extension to their Hot Wheels lineup.

Although he is listed as a member of the Evil Rat Pack, it is likely that he is closest to his fellow Rat Pack prehistoric allies, the Battle Birds Nightslayer, Splitfire, and Slaughter-Skito, and presumably holds the largest rivalry with the Cat Pack's Stego-Striker as well as their Battle Birds Screwdiver, Sky Vice, and Terror-Dactyl.

Background history[edit | edit source]

Tanker does battle against Stego-Striker.

In an ancient, undiscovered area of the rain forest, a strange force field developed over eons of time. It lay undisturbed until the fierce fighting of the Attack Pack altered the environment. Mutogenic reactions were set in motion, resulting in gigantic beasts that were part military machine and part mutant dinosaur. This mighty mix emerged as highly intelligent prehistoric predators that could shake the delicate balance of power in the ongoing struggle for the rain forest.

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