Binomen Tartarusaurus saevus
Average height 20-28 ft. long
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Habitat Skull Island
Diet Carnivore
Lifespan DD
Subspecies N/A
Status Extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe King Kong

Tartarusaurus saevus (cruel hell lizard) is a dinosaur that is found along the coasts of Skull Island.


The largest of the coastal predators, Tartarusaurus was a terror that the native foraging sorties prayed they would never run into. Huge and hungry, with bone cracking jaws and powerful limbs that could propel the carnivore faster than any man could run for short distances, this brute can make short work of unwary villagers. Fortunately, its range was limited to the far side of the island, where it subsisted on seals, coastal reptiles and Limusaurs. Tartarusaurus also took carrion when it could find it, possessing the strength to fight other meat eaters off their food. The carnivore's ability to stand on its hind limbs permitted it to reach low cliff-nesting birds too, raiding their nests for eggs and chicks, little more than tiny snacks for the tank-like reptile.

The seasonal nature of many of their coastal food sources, such as fur seals, meant Tartarusaurus's were nomadic, following the food. This brought them into frequent conflict with one another when individuals met over kills. Large fat reserves accumulated in their tails, allowing the species to go without feeding for long periods. This stored energy would grant smaller animals some reprieve in the battle to compete for survival when food was scarce.

Tartarusaurus had a thick, rhinoceros-like hide that protected it from harm. Males fought each other for resources and access to females. Armed with thick, curved claws on each forelimb, males battled upright, balancing on their sturdy hind legs while they raked each other with these sycthe-like claws. Despite the ferocity of the matches, their thick skins and resilient scales usually protected them from serious injury.