The Tooth Fairy is a modern folkloric fairy figure who collects the fallen baby teeth of children. Originating at some point in the early 20th century[Note 1], the tradition holds that whenever a child's tooth falls off, they should place it under their pillow where, at night, the Tooth Fairy will find it and take it away, leaving a coin in its place. In the traditions of some countries, this role is played by a similar figure who is represented as a mouse, rather than a fairy.

As a popular fantasy figure, the Tooth Fairy has been featured as a character in numerous films and television shows, especially comedic ones. The character is typically portrayed as a winged humanoid - usually a small one, although some will opt for a human-sized portrayal - and may be either female or male. In some works, there might be multiple tooth fairies rather than just one.


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  1. The earliest literary mention of a tooth fairy can be traced back to a 1908 letter by Lillian Brown published in The Chicago Daily Tribune