For those who don't know, Cryptids are creatures that have been seen by people but not confirmed by mainstream science. Examples of these include Bigfoot, El Chupacabra, the Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster among others.

Cryptids can be pretty much anything;

  • Extinct creatures thought to still be alive (Megalodon Shark, Burrunjor, Mokele Mbembe, etc.)
  • Creatures in a different habitat from where they are usually found (Phantom Cats, Beast of Bodmin Moor, etc.)
  • Creatures thought to be undiscovered relatives of modern day animals or confused with other creatures (Hoop Snake, Oklahoma Octopus, Salawa, etc.)
  • Truly unknown creatures whose existence is disputed (Trunko, Montauk Monster, Globster, etc.)
  • Apparent Extraterrestrial creatures (Mothman, Nightcrawler, Flatwoods Monster, etc.)
  • Supernatural/Mythical creatures (Merfolk, Manananggal, Dragons, Hellhounds, Springheel Jack, etc.)

While there have been a fair few that have been written off as obvious or elaborate hoaxes (such as the Cardiff Giant and the Jackalope among others), there have been times when cryptids have been proven to be real animals and subsequently added to mainstream science. Examples of 'proven' cryptids include the Komodo Dragon, Mountain Gorillas, Giant Squid, Coelacanth, Platypus, Sea Serpent (Oarfish) and even the Kangaroo.

Is there any in particular you would really hate to run into?