Others Abominable Snowman
Mr. Snowman
Personal information
Species Monster World native
Gender Male
Place of origin Monster World (before being banished to the Himalayas in the human world)
Occupation Mail sorter (formerly)
Current status Alive
Body type Primate-like
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Monsters, Inc.
Performed by John Ratzenberger

Yeti, also known as Abominable Snowman, is a minor character from Disney/Pixar's 2001 animated film, Monsters, Inc., and its 2013 prequel, Monsters University. He is a white-furred inhabitant of the monster world who originally served as a mail sorter at Monsters, Inc., but was banished to the human world at the Himalayas.

It's not known what crime the Yeti committed to result in his exile, although he did mention that tampering with mail was a punishable offense, suggesting that's what he did. Despite being considered a criminal by his peers, he is actually a friendly individual and resents his famous moniker, as he would prefer to be called "Adorable Snowman" or "Agreeable Snowman" instead.


  • Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster were also banished from Monstropolis to their own respective countries. Although they don't appear in the films, they are both briefly mentioned when Mike informs Sulley about the potential consequences of their actions for helping Boo. The fact that all three of these monsters got exiled to the human world probably references the supposed existence of their real life counterparts.
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