Others The Father of Serpents
Personal information
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Place of origin Oklahoma (possibly)
Affiliation Snakes
Relations Snakes (offspring)
Current status Active
Body type Ophidian humanoid
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the scenes
Universe Cthulhu Mythos
Created by H. P. Lovecraft

Yig, the "half-human father of serpents", is a reptilian deity worshiped by both humans and the alien inhabitants of the subterranean realm of K'n-yan in North America. The K'n-yanians worship him as one of their two principal deities along with the octopoid Cthulhu.

The belief in Yig seems to be commonplace among some indigenous cultures of Oklahoma. He is described as a partially anthropomorphic creature "of highly arbitrary and capricious nature", although not truly evil. As the father of all snakes, Yig demands that his children be respected, and doesn't forgive those who kill them. In the autumn, he becomes far more agitated and often needs to be driven away by a ritual of drum-beats, rattles and whistles.

Anyone who kills a snake is prone to falling victim to the wrath of Yig, whose favorite method of punishment is to transform his victims into snakes themselves.


  • "The Curse of Yig", by H. P. Lovecraft (1929)
  • "The Mound", by H. P. Lovecraft (1940) (Mentioned only)
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